Quality Management

Regardless of whether you want to achieve the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard or improve quality and efficiency, DEEEBOX will provide you with long-term support even beyond the qualification processes.

Quality Assurance

DEEEBOX supports you in the area of quality assurance with structuring and implementation.
This can be, for example, through the documentation of SOPs or the implementation of error catalogues according to Editio Cantor.


VR Solutions


Knowledge management and staff qualification are topics of quality management. Often these topics are not dealt with in a sustainable way. Technologies such as virtual reality provide the opportunity to prepare employees with pre-qualification before the first assignment, instead of producing the same mistakes over and over again with 'training on the job'.

Process Optimizing

For the digitalisation of business processes and the documentation of processes, a prior process analysis is necessary. In order not to lose efficiency, analogue processes must not be mirrored into a digital world without further ado.


DEEEBOX is ViCon qualified partner with many years of experience for modelling processes with BPMN 2.0 and premium consulting for very specific requirements.

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