Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the order of the day for competitiveness. Intelligent, continuous process optimisation within the framework of self-controlling processes provides agility to fluctuating market conditions and data material for data analyses accelerates and improves decision-making.


VR Solutions


Knowledge management and staff qualification are topics of quality management. Often these topics are not dealt with in a sustainable way. Technologies such as virtual reality provide the opportunity to prepare employees with pre-qualification before the first assignment, instead of producing the same mistakes over and over again with 'training on the job'.

Project Management

DEEEBOX supports you in the project planning and implementation of your project as part of your organisation and temporarily takes over project management tasks that you can delegate. With experience and competence, the project is managed in your interest.
All stakeholders are coordinated and you, the client, are provided with transparent reporting for cost and schedule control.


  • Analyser of existing processes and applications and selection of new systems
  • Adaptation of analogue processes to new, digital systems


  • Implementation of digital solutions
  • Interface between system manufacturer and customer
  • Support beyond the end of the project and ensure continuous adaptation


  • Preparation of specifications, instructions, requirement and specifications documents
  • Creation of digital process documentation in digital intranet portals (ViFlow)
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