PII - Pharma Implementation Interface

Pharma Implementation Interface

The PII (Pharma Implementation Interface) is a solution for the fast and efficient execution of implementation projects in the pharmaceutical industry.
This solution offers a win-win situation for both the pharmaceutical system provider and the pharmaceutical customer.

After Design Qualification, Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, Performance Qualification, the implementation is completed by the pharmaceutical system provider.

On the pharma client side, however, the implementation is not complete.
The implementation process includes many other points such as change management, presentation of the new processes, creation of SOPs and onboarding processes.
In addition to free capacities, this also requires extensive knowledge of the implemented system as well as knowledge about requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

DEEEBOX is the interface between system provider and pharmaceutical customer. Like an interpreter who speaks the language of both parties and implements the pharmaceutical requirements.
With PII, the PHARMA IMPLEMENTATION INTERFACE, DEEEBOX ensures that new systems are implemented quickly and efficiently.

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